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Aims and Scope

Physical Therapy Research (PTR) is an Open Access journal that aims to foster important advances in physical therapy.
PTR publishes a comprehensive and dynamic array of peer-reviewed articles and materials that are of interest to our broad global audience of researchers, practitioners, continuing-education students, and those interested in the field. The article types include Original Articles, Case Studies, Brief Reports, Reviews, and more.
PTR is free to access for all readers and free to publish for most authors*.

Journal Information

Physical Therapy Research (PTR) is the official journal of the Japanese Society of Physical Therapy (JSPT) and is published three times a year.
PTR was first published in 1998 as "Journal of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association" and renamed “Physical Therapy Research” in 2016.

Online ISSN : 2189-8448
ISSN-L : 2189-8448

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About JSPT

JSPT was founded by Japanese Physical Therapy Association (JPTA) in 2012 to promote the academic activities of physical therapists, and hosts national and regional academic conferences. JSPT became independent from JPTA in 2021 and now consists of 15 member societies and 5 member subgroups.

*PTR is financially supported by JPTA. If an individual holds a Japanese physical therapy license and is a member of JPTA, they can submit and publish in PTR at no cost. If an individual holds a Japanese physical therapy license but is not a member of JPTA, separate submission and publication fees apply. For physical therapists with licenses from countries outside of Japan, as well as other researchers, no submission or publication fees are levied.